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Shatta Wale Exposes Efia Odo On How He Had An Affair With Her

After openly declaring that she will never again hang out with the dancehall monarch in her life, Efia Odo has forced Shatta Wale to launder their filthy laundry outside.

Efia Odo said in an interview with Pulse GH that she made the choice to never associate King Shatta again because their friendship only brought back painful and regretful memories for her.

It’s best for her to totally sever connections with her erstwhile best friend because, as the socialite revealed, everything she did with him now comes back to haunt her.

Following that, Instagram writer Thosecalledcelebs revealed additional information regarding what specifically transpired between Shatta Wale and Efia Odo.

The phantom writer claimed that in a New Jersey hotel, Efia Odo shared a bed with Shatta Wale and his deceased companion Junior US.

She claimed that although Efia Odo was Junior US’s “to be” fiancée, the first time they interacted, they slept together in a motel in New Jersey.

She outlined how Efia Odo encountered Shatta Wale with the help of Junior US and other acquaintances, but before they realized it, Efia Odo had already had s3x with Shatta Wale.

As a result, Junor US, who was the first to express interest in the celebrity, decided to cut her as well.

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