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He cursed me after breaking up with him- GH Lady shares sad story after she returned from abroad looking terribly sick

A woman from Ghana revealed her heartbreaking account of how her partner cursed her after she ended their relationship.

The woman, who went by the name Ama Diana, described her situation on the Oyerepa Afutuo chat show. She asserts that in 2017, with the assistance of her baby’s father, Samuel Twumasi Darko, she traveled from Ghana to Egypt.

Diana claimed that the demands of her job left her with so little time for her partner that their relationship suffered because he was frustrated by their inability to communicate on a regular basis.

She claimed that her baby daddy began putting increasing financial pressure on her and gradually became overbearing.

Diana claimed that this Darko began asking Diana about the types of men she interacted with, which sparked an argument.

“Not all Arabs will permit you to use a phone in their home while you are still performing your responsibilities. But he was not interested in any of that.

He wanted to look into my life at one time, including a piece of land I had bought with his assistance. I sent him about GHC 2,700, but he was evasive when I asked him about it. I would have people phone him, and he would inquire as to how they were aware of my ability to travel.

He informed me I would suffer as a result of our verbal argument after I became enraged and demanded a breakup, she sadly recalled.

Diana asserted that she started noticing physical changes in her body in 2021 and that, with the assistance of the Ghanaian society in Egypt, she was compelled to return to Ghana.

“In the third month of 2021, I noticed that my tummy was bloating. I underwent a scan, and the physician informed me that I have a damaged womb and a hepatic condition. After my return, I was admitted to several institutions.

I’ve had to sell the land I bought to take care of my sickness and now I am totally broke. Wherever I go, I am told the boy has something to do with my condition.”


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