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Actress Sheena Gakpe causes stir online as she whines her waist in new video

Sheena Gakpe, a Ghanaian actress, made waves on social media after releasing a new video showcasing her incredible waist-whining abilities.

The actress can be seen dancing energetically in the video, which Gakpe posted on her Instagram page.

Sheena Gakpe can be seen in the video sporting a form-fitting gown while flexing her enormous waist in a variety of motions that have viewers in awe. The video has received hundreds of thousands of views and several social media shares.

Fans of the actress have commended her for her passion and energy in the video, with many remarking on how stunning she looks and how fantastic her dance routines are.

The film has also prompted a discussion on body positivity, with some saying Gakpe’s self-expression and confidence are motivating. Others have countered that the film is improper and that it misleads children.


Regardless of the argument, it is certain that the video has had a significant internet impact because so many people have shared and talked about it. Although it is unclear what additional endeavors Gakpe may take on, it is certain that she has already made an impact.

watch the video below:


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