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SHS Girl Battling Hajia Bintu In The ‘[email protected]’ Of H!ps And [email protected] Drops First Challenge Video After School Vacated

Somewhere in October, videos of a very young-looking lady went viral as he was seen shaking what baba God blessed her with at the back and hips areas.

The young woman would likely challenge Hajia Bintu, who is perhaps the most talked-about woman whenever a topic of nyash is brought up, and take the ‘title’ from her if caution is not taken, according to many individuals who responded to the videos at the time.

The young woman known as Queen Silla’s camp, who was reportedly attending senior high school, hasn’t been seen or heard much from in the recent weeks.

However, she has today posted a wild video on her different social media channels to announce her return to social media following the closure of school for the Christmas holiday.

Sharing that video that some have already speculated is a challenge to Hajia Bintu Queen Silla gave the viewers of the video a 360 turn of her body and flaunted her nyash for a while. The video was also captioned: ‘Finally back from school, who missed me ?’

Watch the video below


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