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Achraf Hakimi, family rejoice over court ruling on divorce

Achraf Hakimi and his family celebrate the court’s divorce decision in the news section of their website.

Achraf Hakimi, a fullback for PSG, and his family are already celebrating after the nation’s decision in the divorce lawsuit that his wife had filed against him.

Football player Achraf Hakimi’s spouse filed for divorce and requested a split of his assets.

However, the court informed her that because everything was registered in his mother’s name, her “Millionaire” husband had no property.

From PSG, Hakimi receives €1 million each month, of which his mother Mrs. Fatima receives €800,000.

He has no possessions, including clothing, jewelry, real estate, cars, or homes.

Anytime he wants something, he begs his mother to get it for him.

The player and his mother may be seen dancing in a video while his family members congratulate him.

Meanwhile, it’s thought that Achraf Hakimi’s wife is seeking a divorce mostly as a result of the current rape case.

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