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Lilwin Wears White And Celebrates With His Kids As He Prepares For Birthday (VIDEO)

The TikTok profile of Ghanaian actor Lil Win recently featured a touching video as he got ready to celebrate his 36th birthday on April 15, 2023. The actor, who was dressed in white and renowned for having a vivacious personality, danced joyfully with his kids.

Many of the actor’s fans have since expressed their love for the actor’s loving bond with his family in response to the viral video that was released on the eve of Lil Win’s birthday. Lil Win, whose real name is Kojo Nkansah, is considered as one of Ghana’s most talented performers and has been in a number of well-known motion pictures and television programs throughout the years.

Lil Win uploaded several other videos of his birthday celebrations with friends and family in addition to the touching TikTok video. A few of the actor’s closest friends came to his pre-birthday celebration, which was held the day before his real birthday, to wish him well and mark the event. Since Lil Win is so well-liked in Ghanaian entertainment, both on and off the screen, many of his followers have wished him a happy birthday on social media.





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