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Ras Nene Speaks After Losing His 3Months Old Baby

Following the passing of his 3-month-old infant, Ras Nene has opened up on his official Instagram profile.

In order to express his current emotions, the actor shared Fameye’s most recent single, Questions, which he published shortly after Atsu’s untimely passing.

He wrote in the video’s description, “Interesting @fameye music Baabi k? oo nipa. Ns? hwee Nipa?

Ras Nene’s words as he laments the loss of his kid are expressed in the text, which translates as “human beings are nothing and have a place to travel to.” The infant of Ras Nene, who was 3 months old, passed away for unclear reasons.

the news item describing the untimely passing of Ras Nene’s 3-month-old child on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, in the wee hours.

Kumawood The news was announced by performer Komfo Kolege, also known as Digital Komfo, and fellow actress KyinkyinaaTwaan.

Check out the footage he shared below on Instagram.


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