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Ashaiman invasion: Over 72 people arrested by soldiers – Ashaiman MP provides new update

A mob is said to have killed a soldier over the weekend, and more than 72 individuals have been apprehended by the military, according to a recent update provided to Graphic Online by the Member of Parliament for Ashaiman.

The Ashaiman MP, Ernest Henry Norgbey, says to have found out that the soldiers took the people they had detained away.

According to the briefing I received from the Assembly member for the region, “72 people” have been detained by the soldiers.

In a radio interview with Citi FM, which Graphic Online was listening to, Mr. Norgbey said, “But as I speak to you, the police commander just told me that 72 persons is an understatement, and that they are more than that, they [soldiers] are still arresting people when you go certain areas of the community.

The MP claimed that after the dawn operation, the troops had left the area. However, around midday, he received a phone call informing him that another group of military personnel had entered the Ashaiman constituency.

Actually, the police commander informed him directly that military personnel were still present and were abusing innocent residents throughout the district.

He claimed that the constituents were concerned about how the military operated because “you see armored cars, you see military vehicles, you see helicopters, which indicates that this thing has been sanctioned by the higher authority and so everybody is handicapped in this matter.

The MP stated, “So we are simply requesting that they call back their men to the barracks because these people that they are molesting are innocent people, and I’m not confident they know anything about the killing of the military guy.

Soldiers turn Ashaiman upside down after their colleague was killed, social media reacts

In response to the purported killing of a soldier over the weekend, the Ashaiman neighborhood of Taifa was reportedly subject to a self-imposed curfew on Tuesday morning, according to Graphic Online.

The soldier reportedly died over the weekend in Ashaiman at the hands of a mob. Pictures and video of the aforementioned soldier were uploaded to social media after the event.

Some reports claim that a gang assaulted and stabbed him. The officer was reportedly making his way to his home.


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