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Chris Brown in trouble again as UK police invite him for questioning over brawl in club

Regarding his participation in a club fight that left an unidentified man hospitalized last month, Chris Brown has been questioned by police in the UK.

According to Radar Online, after his performance at the O2 arena, Brown and his group allegedly went to the Tape nightclub in Hanover Square in London, England. Soon after arriving, Brown’s party and other clubgoers got into a fight.

As a result, Brown’s team allegedly assaulted the man and hit him in the head with a bottle when he tried to exit the club.

As the fight was being broken up, police were summoned, and the man was taken to the hospital with minor wounds before being let go. According to All Hip Hop, a witness allegedly saw the altercation between Brown’s crew.

The witness claimed that after a fight between a man and Brown’s crowd, the man was struck over the head with a bottle. He attempted to flee by getting up off the ground, but was instead encircled, punched, and kicked before security broke it up.

For the past month, Brown has been touring abroad as part of his “Under The Influence” project. He has performed a variety of his current songs as well as his older hits during the tour, including “Run It,” “Gimme Dat,” “Heat,” and “WE (Warm Embrace).”

Days earlier, Chris Brown yelled hysterically as he threw a fan’s phone into the audience during a recent show.

The renowned R&B singer is seen in the footage performing onstage with a fan who appears to be in the crowd. As she sings “Take You Down,” Breezy takes the woman’s phone and places it in her lap to start the video.

After mounting the lady and beginning a sensual dance, Breezy spins around on her lap. He takes the lady off his back and starts singing again.

After that, instead of taking in the moment with the celebrity, she takes up her phone and starts recording herself again. He was enraged by this and while still singing, he seized the phone and threw it into the audience.



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