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King Nasir Offers To Help Shugatiti Reach Org@sm After Crying No Man S@tisfies Her

Shugatiti, a Ghanaian actress, revealed that despite having a strong libido, she has never experienced org@sm. American adült f!lm star King Nasir has offered to help her.

This comes after Shugatiti categorically asserted that despite having s3x with many guys, none of them have ever made her come.

She claims that she only enjoys the fun parts of sekz and that she always wants to make out with her companion.

She continued by saying that even though none of the men had been able to induce an org@sm in her, their energy during sekzual erotica was sufficient to keep her lib!do strong.

“You can’t s@tisfy me, I have never cüm in my life, I don’t get org@sm. I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get org@sm.

“Since I don’t experience org@sm, trying to make me feel good is out; you just have to equal our level of energy until we tire.

“I love having sekz; I get drenched to the skin; I love the penetration and the way objects come in and go out. I also like working extended hours, like all day. I don’t experience fatigue.

The individuals I have had affa!rs with all “match up with my energy, to tell you the truth,” she said.

The adult p()rn actress responded to Shugatiti’s revelation by inviting people to help her have an org@sm on Twitter.

He wrote; “I can help her have an org@sm“.


This prompted Shugatiti to respond quickly to Nasir, quoting his tweet with the caption “Don’t try and die oooo.”


With this, King Nasir was forced to reply and wrote : “I can go multiple rounds” and even conducted a Twitter poll to determine who would win the sekzual beef between himself and Shugatiti.

“Remember p()rnstars behave according to script haaaa this is no movie @KingNasirXX don’t do and die it’s a warning oooo,” said Shugatiti in response to the adult film star’s poll.

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