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Ten Steps to Get Life Insurance For Adult Children

We’ve outlined the top ten stages for getting life insurance for adult children. For information on how to insure adult children, see this list.

Determine your motivation for needing life insurance for adult children.
Request More Information – Request clarification from life insurance companies on how policies can benefit grown children.
Obtain Consent — Discuss life insurance with the person you wish to insure.
Set objectives and choose the best life insurance policy for the insured and the beneficiary.
Find a Broker – Find life insurance providers that fit your budget by using our FREE comparison tool.

Choose the finest Policy – Make a choice regarding the finest policy. To learn more about some of the different policy options, see forms of life insurance.
Get a medical examination – The cost of rates during the waiting period will be determined by a medical examination. Learn what to anticipate if you need a medical exam to get life insurance.
Name A Beneficiary – The policyholder or the adult child’s offspring could be the beneficiary. View our guide on selecting a life insurance beneficiary.
Create a Plan B and designate a backup beneficiary in case the original beneficiary becomes incapacitated.

Waiting Period: Before making any payments or starting your life insurance policy, let the life insurance application process complete itself. If you are eligible, think about life insurance with no waiting period.

The Best Companies for Adult Children Life Insurance and Their Monthly Costs

As we near the end of this guide, we want to show you the price range for life insurance from the top providers in the industry.

We’ve added the A.M. Best rating of the best corporations to make it more interesting and to demonstrate how financially sound these businesses are.

It’s time to examine the finest life insurance companies’ average monthly premiums. Keep in mind that these prices represent averages, so your specific whole life or term life insurance quotes may vary.

Life Insurance Rates by the Top-Rated Providers


We were unable to obtain monthly life insurance prices for adult children from Northwestern Mutual, Pacific Life, or Primerica without entering personal information due to their private pricing. The average life insurance prices offered by the other firms range from $9 to $16.

However, depending on your age, gender, and health, each provider will charge you at a different amount.

Frequently Asked Questions: Life Insurance for Adult Children

Let’s answer a few frequently asked questions that are related to life insurance for adult children. These answers will increase your confidence as you shop for life insurance for adult children.

Can I purchase life insurance on my adult children without telling them?
No. To purchase life insurance for your grown children, you will need their approval. Consent may be waived if the adult child has exceptional needs. However, the adult child will need to undergo a medical examination for your life insurance provider.

#2 – How do you go about purchasing life insurance for grown children?
First, explain to your grown children why they require life insurance. Go to a life insurance provider and let them know you want to insure an adult kid if they agree.

They will request a medical evaluation and inquire whether you have consent. Following the completion of these processes, your life insurance provider will ask you to choose a life insurance policy.

#3 – Which life insurance policy is the best for adult children?
Depending on the situation, yes. Term life insurance may be more advantageous for a young adult attending college.

Whole life insurance may be necessary for adult children with special needs because they rely on their parents more than the ordinary person does.


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