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VIDEO: “You have gained my respect, I salute you,” – Blakk Rasta emotionally replies Shatta Wale

Dancehall singer Shatta Wale’s latest comment to his followers when they attacked him has been praised by radio host Blakk Rasta (Blakk Rasta).

Remember how a video of Blakk Rasta grooving to one of Shatta Wale’s tracks a few days back went viral?

Blakk Rasta’s viral video, however, upset some Shatta Wale supporters because the radio host is one of the prominent figures who has disparaged Shatta Wale’s character and body of work.

However, Shatta Wale urged his followers to refrain from insulting Blakk Rasta during a Facebook live on his page because everyone learns in life and only fools don’t.

When Blakk Rasta came across the video online, he experienced strong emotions and remorse for all the negative things said about him.

Blakk Rasta claims that after listening to and viewing Shatta Wale’s live video, he experienced shivers all over his body because he didn’t anticipate such a response from Shatta Wale.

He said, “You know why I get chills all over when I view the video? In Ghana’s past, Shatta Wale has managed to gain a sizable fan base.

The interesting thing is that Shatta Wale said whatever Blakk Rasta has said about him whether, in the past or current, he has accepted it in a good faith wow how do you feel”.


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