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Ghanaian men who brag mostly have smaller man.h00d and perform the worst in bed – Counsellor

According to Ghanaian actor and counselor rand Paa, men who boast about being excellent in bed typically have small penises and don’t perform well in bed.

In an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor for eTV Ghana’s “In Bed with Adwen,” he claimed that there should be no argument regarding whether or not men with the larger pen!ses are more effective than those with smaller ones.

“A man’s pen!s size can vary from 2.8inches above and the length can be 8inches or more,” he said. When a male with a penis length of 2.8 inches engages in s3xual activity with a woman, she won’t feel anything because the average penis size that a woman’s vagina can accommodate is 6 inches or more.

“A man can confidently state that he prefers a woman with large buttocks or big breasts, and he is able to make that decision because those parts are visible. However, imagine if our pen!ses were to show when we were moving around. Ladies would flee if they saw that tiny pen, he continued.

Grand Paa advised men, especially those with small pen!s, to abstain from boasting about how good they can make a woman feel in bed so that they do not ultimately disappoint the woman and disgrace themselves.



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