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Hajia4real set a standard for female musicians when it comes music video – Sista Afia admits

Sista Afia, a Ghanaian performer, commended Hajia 4Reall for establishing a high bar for female artists in Ghana in terms of music video production.

Sista Afia praised Hajia 4Reall’s craft during an interview with Accra FM presenter Nana Romeo and suggested that Ghanaians should pay more attention to her good qualities.
Sista Afia thinks it is important to give recognition where it is due, despite the fact that the two are not close friends and have no other connection.

She claimed that with her outstanding music videos, Hajia 4Reall had elevated the standard for numerous other female musicians in the field.

Afia stated that Mona should be praised for this and added that Ghanaians would pay more attention to her positive traits.

She implied that she doesn’t know her directly and that they aren’t close friends, but she enjoys giving recognition where credit is due.

When it comes to music videos, “Hajia 4Reall established a benchmark for female musicians,” she claimed in the interview.

She continued by saying that by releasing such excellent music videos, she has raised the bar for many other female artists in the field.

Meanwhile, Hajia 4Reall hopped onto the music scene in 2020 when she dropped her all-time banger, ‘Badder Than’. After its release, many Ghanaians were optimistic about her achievement in the music business. The single has 1.2 million views.

She released the original music video for her second song, “Fine Lady,” in 2021, and it has received almost a million views on YouTube.



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