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Hook up is not profitable; viral Gob3 seller with natural curv3s advises young girls

A gobe3vendor from Dansoman who has gained online fame has made it to national TV thanks to her perseverance and God’s gifts.

After being photographed selling beans with gari, also known as crimson red but given the moniker “gob3,” 24-year-old Etornam Celestine gained notoriety online. In the viral video, a Kasoa guy traveled to Dansoman solely to purchase her gob3.

Netizens have fallen in love with Etornam’s food establishment and hard work after noticing how inherently beautiful she is, as many have suggested that girls with cuurvy bodies would prefer to become slay champions without working.
Etornam arrived at Media General today, where she was featured on TV3 and was questioned on 3FM.

The presenter of the program, Johnnie Hughes, questioned the popular beans vendor for her opinion on young girls with curvaceous bodies who go into ‘hook up’ to offer their bodies to men and she said “to me it’s not assisting”.

“It’s more lucrative to complete tasks independently than to use your b0dy as a means of obtaining goods and money from males. It doesn’t seem logical to me because, in the end, you might even contract illnesses and other things “Added she.

A portion of the conversation that award-winning Ghanaian writer Sika Official tweeted has since elicited conflicting responses. “Beauty with intellect. She Dey handle o,” was the response to the statement.

“However, the body drew 3fm. And it’s obvious from this footage that whoever was filming wanted us to see the corpse plainly. Some people only sell their b0dies, while others sell both the b0dy and another item. Choose what you will sell, and let others choose what they will sell “Added a tweep.

As the conversation has been discussed on the Bluebird app, another Twitter user questioned why she was being interviewed when other bean vendors weren’t. Watch the movie below and let us know your identity.


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