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I was forced to play Nigerian music at an event – Andy Dosty

Andy Dosty, a radio host and DJ, has discussed how he was compelled to play only Nigerian music at a gathering for which he had been contracted to provide music.
This was revealed by the Hitz Day Break presenter, Andy Dosty, during the Joy FM entertainment Twitter Channels discussion.

Speaking about the love of foreign music, Andy Dosy bemoaned how Ghanaians adore it and how, despite his best efforts to perform Ghanaian music at events and programs for which he is employed, they always insist on Nigerian songs instead.

Andy recalled how he had been playing Ghanaian music while guests were seated at the gathering until a woman approached him and handed him a playlist of Nigerian tracks that she wanted him to play.

“I’ve been to a gathering where I could have played music with ease and everyone was sat motionless. They were all fixed to their seats. Nobody felt like getting up and dancing. One brave woman approached me and handed me her phone with a long list of Nigerian tracks, threatening to leave if I didn’t play any of them. I was pondering things to myself. I had to perform it.

This occurred at the home of Paul Adom Otchere. a large gathering of large individuals. And they were all sitting until I played a Nigerian song, at which point they all stood up to perform, and I felt so embarrassed. Seriously, what’s going on? Therefore, we, the people, are the issue. We don’t like what we’ve got,” he declared.


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