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‘I’ll ask God why he killed my two children anywhere we meet’ – Rev. Eastwood Anaba

Reverend Eastwood Anaba, the founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, has stated that the only thing he will ask God when they meet is why he murdered his two children.

Recall that in April 2009, a terrible mishap on the Tamale-Bolgatanga Highway claimed the lives of Eastwood Anaba, his two children, and four other children who were also cousins.

Six members of the Fountain Gate Chapel lost their lives in the mishap on the night of Easter involving a green Toyota SRS Four Runner with the license plate GT 46240 U.

He called it “pathetic” and a “big strike,” describing the event.

I’m not sure about you, but God has acted unfairly toward me, and when I see him in the future, I’ll ask him why. I have grievances with God.

I lost my two children as well as four additional children in a single day, and the anguish I felt came close to killing me while God sat in heaven and did nothing to assist. God claimed that he is the all-powerful, great Deity, and that I am serving him. So I would say I cannot pardon if a human being had caused that to happen to me, but when it is God, I forgive out of duplicity,” he said.

“It is a huge blow; we cannot feign otherwise, but in moments like these, our faith must remain firm… You cannot afford to be feeble in these circumstances because it is not within your control to grant yourself grace. However, grace does come from somewhere to support you, and we have found the source of the grace and are clinging to it.

“They are very good people; if there is any blessing God has ever given to me, it’s my children, and we love them very much…and their spirituality is unquestionable.”


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